Monday, August 26, 2013

I'm going to Sewing Summit!!

So, pretty much the best thing happened to me last week.  It's so big, I'm still in shock over it!  You may have heard of a little ol' blog called "The Sewing Rabbit" (ha, like you haven't heard of it!).

Well, she hosted a giveaway--and the big item was a trip to Sewing Summit in Salt Lake City, UT.  Of course I entered...never imagining that I could, or would win.  

Well, somehow the stars aligned, and.....I am the lucky winner!! Look, my name is right there!! When the email came on Wednesday morning, I think my heart stopped. I read it, then re-read it, then re-read it again.  And I then I read it again.  And then I finally understood what it was saying.  And then I flipped out!!  I immediately tried to call my husband...who was in California last week for business...and is 2 hours behind, so it was 7am there.  He didn't answer.  So I called again. And again. And still no answer! Gah!!  Then I just started shrieking--OMG, I Won! I won! I WON!!  At that point my four year old and one year old were looking at me like I had grown two heads.  haha!

Finally, my husband called back, and in a rush I filled him in--he's excited for me, and maybe a bit terrified about taking on 4 out of 5 kids for four days straight--but I know he'll do great! (Baby Cecelia will be flying out with me--she's still nursing 8 billion times a day, and I doubt she'll be weaned in a month!)

So that's my big news!! Yay right?!! I'm "sew" excited to be going--it's really going to be like a dream. I have my flight info, hotel info, and class info--so I'm ready to go! Now I just need to sew up some fun stuff to take along. And figure how what to bring along with me!  Thank goodness I still have a month or so!

As if that weren't enough--my husband gave me ANOTHER surprise when he got back from California...he brought me home a new mixer.

 Not just any mixer either! A brand new Kitchenaid in Aqua Sky.  I'm in love. LOVE!  It's so pretty! And it was just in time too--we had a double birthday party this weekend, so she got put right to work, side by side by her sister...

Yep, I'm spoiled, and I know it.  The white mixer was a wedding present from my Dad..almost 9 years ago.  It still works great, but I have been lusting after a colored mixer for a few years now.  So, now to decide what to do with the white one--I definitely can't part with it--too sentimental..but hubby was talking about taking it in to have it powder coated...just have to pick a color! :)  

We celebrated my two youngest birthday's this weekend, so hopefully I'll get some party pics up on the blog soon!  I can't believe my baby girl will be one in a few days--it was bittersweet celebrating her birthday yesterday!  

Happy Monday!!