Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sweet Baby Jane Sunsuit

I finished up this little sunsuit today for Cecelia, and couldn't wait to share!  It's from the Sweet Baby Jane Sunsuit pattern by Sara Norris LTD.  I am absolutely smitten with how it turned out!

In a couple weeks, my little sweetie and I are off to California!  My husband has to fly out there for business, and Cecelia and I will be flying out later to join him for a long weekend. I can't wait!  The sun and surf are definitely calling my name.  :) 

I want to cash in on the opportunity and take some sweet pics of my chunky girl on the beach, and wanted something special for her to wear. I combed the Internet for ruffle butt romper patterns--did you know there are a ton?  I narrowed it down to a couple, and then eventually down to this one--that sweet bow suckered me in. Ha!

The fabric I used is Flower Sugar by Lecian.  I saw a dress made from these prints a few months ago, and immediately ordered some from Etsy!  I knew the pink and yellow would make something perfect for Cecelia--and now I'm so glad that I did. I love the vintage feel of the fabrics.

 On the pattern itself, I would give it a B+.  I found the instructions to be a little lacking and confusing at times, and was a little miffed it did not give leg elastic measurements.  When I spend $10 on a pattern, I expect to have all the info needed to make the pattern.  That said, it did result in an amazingly cute finished product--so overall I'm happy!

 I love the butt ruffles! 
Hopefully I'll have some great beach pics to share in a few weeks!  Now I just need to figure out what else to make her before we go!

Happy Crafting!
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