Thursday, September 12, 2013

Three times the fun...

Just wanted to share a couple quick photos of the dresses I made for my three girls for my brother-in-law's upcoming wedding.  I usually steer clear of making 'fancy' clothes for my girls--satin, crepe, chiffon--all those fabrics scare me!  But I was determined to tackle my fears and make three beautiful dresses for this very special event.  I am so glad I did too!!

The pattern I decided on was the Maddie Dress from Lily Bird Studio.  I spent a lot of time deciding on fabics--the main wedding colors are teal & black. Dustin is the best man, I'm a bridesmaid, and Braydon (our oldest son) is a groomsman as well--so I knew I wanted the girls' dresses to at least coordinate with us.  I couldn't find anything in the right shade of teal, so decided to go with this eggplant-purple color. The purple and teal really compliment each other, and will look great in a fall wedding (I think anyways!).  All the fabrics are from JoAnns--I used purple glitter satin (the poly stuff) for the bodice, black satin (again, poly), and three layers of crepe (poly) for the skirt.  
Overall the dreses actually were not that hard to sew up.  I used my walking foot, and the fabrics were pretty easy to work with.  I had a little trouble hemming the crepe--and I'm not totally happy with how they look...but I doubt anyone but me will ever notice!  Ashlee's dress is a bit shorter than I would like, and if I had any extra crepe I would probably add another layer to her skirt...but I don't so it will just have to work, since the wedding is Saturday! :) I'm really happy with how they turned out, and even prouder than I overcame a "fear" that I had.  I definitely don't think I will start making dresses on a regular basis out of these fabrics, but at least I know I CAN do it!

Happy Thursday!

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