Monday, June 2, 2008

Lots to share today!

I got lots of sewing done today, so lots of pics!!

Last week, I cleaned my ENTIRE house, top to bottom--including decluttering. We hauled out a pickup load of garbage, plus I got rid of numerous bags of items on Freecycle. Since the house was so pretty today, I decided to reward myself w/ some sewing! I focused on diapers today, since Kenna's stash is getting low; plus, I've recently decided that I prefer fitteds to PUL pockets, so I needed to make more. Lot's of firsts for me today too!!

Here we go!

First ruffled Fattycakes!! Knit outer, hidden knit, cotton velour inner. Pocket fitted.

First fleece cover! Followed THIS pattern. Size Large--works great!!!!!

First PUL Little Comet Tails Little Starter. PUL pocket, PUL outer, cotton velour inner, w/ snap in soaker of velour, and an unknown fabric. Size small--for my friends new baby!

Hippy Hippy Snap PUL pocket. Print PUL outer, velour inner.

Hippy Hippy Snap pocket fitted. Knit outer and hidden, print cotton velour inner.

Also today, I made another fitted fattycakes (already been used and dirtied!!)

Yesterday, I got a couple hours to myself too, and tried out the Hippy Hippy Snap pattern for the first time--these were my first attempts--made from one of McKenna's old recieving blankets, and cotton velour. A medium for Kenna, and an itty bitty newborn, just because! Sewing this diaper REALLY sent me into baby lust!! I really hope Dustin will consider having just one more lil' one!! Look how cute that little diaper is--w/ an umbilical snap down and everything!!

And, to keep going w/ the pics--I snapped some pics of my garden last night. Everything seems to be doing good so far--although I think I lost a pepper plant--but I have 6 more!

Right side:

Left side:


  1. I love all of your dipes!!! I can't wait to try one out on Garrett!!!!

  2. That Fattycakes diaper is gorgeous! I have that pattern but haven't been brave enough to try it yet. :) My serger has gone wacky so I didn't think I could do it - but I see you turned and topstitched yours and it's beautiful! I might try it that way. :)

  3. Your diapers are so COOL! I stumbled across your site while trying to find PUL fabric and i just love what you have done with yours! thanks for sharing! I haven't done any cloth diapering yet, but hope to start soon.