Sunday, May 31, 2009

Some trades....

Just a couple of things I did for trades on the diaper sewing board I belong too. I'm getting a couple pairs of newborn longies in return for these--which works out great since I cannot knit!!

First trade--Farbenmix Olivia, w/ Lost in the Wood fabric from The Fabric Fairy, with matching undies.

I also included an extra set: Tank from the Ottobre free pattern, and matching undies.

Second trade was for 11 pairs of girls undies:

I also included a tank to match one of the pairs:

Dress set

This is a sample dress I did for the local fabric store. The owner gave me the fabric, notions, and pattern, and I got to sew it up--I also get to keep the pattern, and when the fabric that I used sells out, I get to keep the outfit too!

Pattern was Kwik Sew 3664, View B. I really didn't love the fabric she picked out, but all sewn up, I really like them together. Size is 12 months--so if bub is a girl I'll keep it, if not will have to find a friend to give it too!

This set was really time consuming, and is the epitome of everything I despise in the sewing world--buttons and buttonholes (which used to be no biggie until my automatic buttonhole foot quit working...), facing, and LOTS of gathering. I made it through though, and in the end the result was worth all the fussing!

Skater Tee for Braydon

Just a quick shirt I did for Braydon this morning. I used a new technique (new to me!), called reverse applique--which I really love the look off. A bit time consuming, but the results are well worth it!!

The pattern is Ottobre 03/08, Spider Tee. I used black interlock, and the applique is done w/ lime green interlock. All the topstitching is done is lime green too!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Here fishie fishie!

Just sharing a set I made for a mama on the diaper sewing board I'm on. This was a trade--she had three yards of the goldfish fabric, and in exchange for me sewing up the dress and undies, I got to keep the rest of the fabric! Worked out fantastic for me, as I LOVE the Kumquat Goldfish fabric!!

Farbenmix Olivia, and that*darn*kat undies

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I can sew undies, who knew?!!

I have no idea why I'm beyond thrilled that I can make underwear. They are just such a simple garment that I wouldn't even normally think to make. I saw a post on Sewing Mama's the other day that totally inspired me though, and that very same day, Ashlee came to me, complaining her underwear were too tight. I had the that*darn*kat children's underwear pattern, but had never used it, so Monday night I decided to give it a whirl. They are sooo easy and so fast; I'm so glad I tried it! Plus, the best thing of all, it just uses scraps! I have tons of knit scraps that I've been hanging onto, but not sure what for--this is the perfect use! I've made her four pairs so far, and I see more in the future.

And in the spirit of bum coverings, I also made the baby a few more diapers. A couple Quick Snap Flat Wraps in the newborn size, and three Little Comet Tails Little Starters AIO's, in size small. That means I'm officially half way done w/ my small stash! I cut out 32 inners and outers months ago, but am slow going on the whole assembly part. Hopefully I'll get them time by August!

This picture shows how the QSFW works:

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sewing for the big kids

Braydon has been begging me to sew something for him for ages now, so this week I decided it was high time to do something about it. I ordered this great stripe fabric from The Fabric Fairy last week, and when it came, I knew it would make the perfect t-shirt for B. I used Ottobre 03/08, design #29 "Spider Tee", in a size 128 for him, and it fits great!! Very simple t-shirt pattern, but the result looks very professional. He was a very happy guy when he came home from school and found that I had made something for him!

Ashlee has also been begging for some mama-made. I have made McKenna 4 of the Farbenmix "Feliz" dresses, and Ashlee has been wanting her own. I picked out fabric weeks ago to do it, but didn't get around to it until last Saturday evening. This ended up being her Easter dress, and she was very happy with it! I think this is definitely one of my favorite things I've sewn for her too!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Goldfish set for the baby

Some more sewing for the new bub! I love love love this set-I can't wait until I have a new little guy or gal to put it on!

Onesie is from Ottober 05/06, size 56 (NB), and is made from white cotton interlock, aqua ribbing, and an applique using Kumquat Goldfish.

Diaper is from the free Darling Diapers NB pattern and is made from an outer layer of goldfish knit, hidden inner layer of flannel, hidden soaker made w/ 3 layers each of flannel and microfiber, and an inner layer of turquoise/aqua cotton velour. Love how this turned out!! Now I just need to make a cover to match!

Friday, April 3, 2009

I've been itching to start summer sewing, but with this crazy South Dakota weather it's been hard to really feel motivated. We just got hit w/ snow again earlier this week, and they are calling for more this weekend. Ugh. I'm so ready for summer!!

I did make a couple of things for the girls; hopefully they don't have to wait too much longer to wear them!

First, is the "Strawberry Tunic" from Ottobre 03/2008. Love this top--goes together easily, and looks cuter than just a basic t-shirt. I used my favorite chicadee colorway--I've been hanging onto this fabric for months now, and I am so happy I cut into it!! I had just enough to get this top, and a pair of shorts for Kenna--will post pics of those as soon as I figure out a top to go with them!

Anyways, here's the tunic, in size 104 for Ashlee, and a little modeling shot. She will not smile for the camera anymore, so I got the best shot I could!

Next, a dress for McKenna--I've made several of these now, and they never get old. They are quick to sew, and make great summer play-dresses! This is from Ottobre 03/2007, #15 Knit Dress. I made a size 92 for Kenna this year. I used my most favoritest fabric ever! Mad Sky Organic Hearts--such a nice fabric weight, and I love love love the print. I've been hanging onto this one forever too; and I was actually sad to cut into it, but I know I'll love seeing on McKenna more than seeing it sit in my cupboard!

And of course, more baby sewing. I'm halfway through my pregnancy now--time seems to be flying! I still have a ton of diapers I need to finish up, but sewing bitty clothes is so much funner!
I did a bunch of sleepers this week. All are from Kwik Sew, Sewing for Babies. All are size small, which is 0-3 months. I love how fast these go together--from cutting to finish is about 45 min.

And lastly, another onesie--I'm not super thrilled w/ this Dr. Suess knit, but I ordered two yards from a coop, so I'm kinda stuck using it! Onesie pattern is from Ottobre 05/06, in 0-3 months.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ultrasound today!!!

I had my 18 week ultrasound today. I can hardly believe I'm 18 weeks already! Baby is doing great. We chose not to find out the gender w/ this one, so we are Team Green!! Baby weighs about 10 oz. right now, and is measuring 19 weeks, 3 days; so looks like we are going to have another chubbers on our hands--which is no surprise! My other kiddos were chunkers too--Braydon was 9 lbs, 15.8 oz, Ashlee was my littlest at 8 lbs, 6 oz (my birth weight too!), and McKenna was 9 lbs, 10 oz. I'm guessing if this one is a boy, he'll be over 10 lbs!! And if it's a girl, maybe a little shy of 10, like Kenna. Here are a few pics from today! Can't wait to meet the little guy or gal!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The most delicious stew ever!

Mmmm, my tummy is so full right now! I just made the most incredible supper, thanks to Berritt. It's called Columbian Potato Stew. Not only was is super easy, but is was super tasty!!! I loved it, Dustin loved it, and even the kids raved about it!!

Here's a pic before we devoured it!

Happy Birthday McKenna!!!

Today is McKenna's 2nd Birthday! I can hardly believe it's been two years since we brought her home from the hospital!! She is growing into such an amazing little person!! Thought I would share a few pics from her party, which was yesterday. Her invite had a monster theme, so I ran w/ that for the party!

I made her cakes, and her dress; which is another Farbenmix Feliz. I absolutely love how her dress turned out--it was the perfect birthday dress!

Enjoying one of her presents from Grandpa Danny and Grandma Linda--the retro style Radio Flyer--she adores it!

Me and my girl!

Blowing our her candles

And just being McKenna!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More sewing

I never intended for this blog to be a sewing blog, but it seems to be turning into a sew-n-show. I guess I figure the rest of my life is too boring to even type out! LOL!!

Here's a few things I've done in the last week or so. Lots of baby sewing, and another Farbenmix Feliz for McKenna.

Kwik sew infant gowns

Sleeper from Kwik Sew for Babies

Two sets from New Conceptions Baby Essentials