Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Josie: A Modern American Girl

My two oldest girls have recently gotten into American Girl dolls, which means I have recently gotten into sewing for American Girl dolls! I have discovered a new passion I didn't even know I had!  I love sewing for the dolls--there is something so satisfying about making things on such a small scale.  I love seeing the girls' faces light up when I've made them a new outfit, especially something that looks like something they might wear! 

This is one of my favorite outfits I've made so far. I'm also using this as my entry for The Sew Off hosted by Naptime Crafters.  I would love to challenge myself by competing in a sewing competition, so I'm really hoping to get picked!! Wish me luck!!

Pattern info:

Josefina is modeling for me--I think she is a beautiful historical, but she also makes a stunning modern doll as well!

This was my first pair of doll-sized jeans, and my first hoodie--and I am thrilled with both of them!  Both patterns were easy to follow, and the results are so cute!  My girls were over the moon to have "real" jeans for their dolls.

This is also project #3 in my "52 Items in 2013" personal challenge.

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  1. My daughter just got her first American Girl Doll this Christmas. It is crazy how much fun I have sewing for them. I just made a fairy costume for a photo contest that they wanted to enter. I love it because I am so much less afraid to try new things like sewing with elastic thread when I am working on doll clothes for some reason.