Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hubby and I attempted canning some salsa this weekend, and it was a success!! It was the first time either of us had canned, but between the two of us we figured it out; and I was glad to have his help peeling and chopping everything! I can't wait to taste it in a few months (of course I tasted enough yesterday to last me a lifetime!). I'm excited about the prospect of canning more things! And my plans for next years garden just doubled! LOL!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Homemade Playdough

School is officially underway here; Braydon started Half-Day Kindergarten this year, and while he loves school, it's been hard on Ashlee. She cries daily; she misses her big brother that much! Each day we walk B to school, she brings along her backpack, hoping she's going to sneak in with him, and each day it's tears the whole way home.

Today, I decided to do something fun with Ashlee while B was school--we made playdough! It's such an easy activity, but one that kids can help make, and enjoy the results!

Here's the recipe I follow:

1 cup flour
1 cup water
1/2 cup salt
2 T. Cream of Tartar
1T. oil

Mix all ingredients in saucepan, over medium heat. Keep stirring until mixture forms a ball. Remove from heat to parchment paper, and knead in food coloring.

We doubled the recipe, and divided into four balls, and Ashlee picked the colors, so we have electric blue, yellow, pink/purple, and just purple.


Some new clothes for my lil' monster, Kenna!

This first set I used a woman's tee I found at the thrift store for a buck; it's the stripey material. I managed to get a medium pair of Little Comet Tails Crescent Moon Yoga Pants, and the sleeves for the t-shirt. The embroidery came from Embroidery Library, and was not supposed to look like Kirby gone mad! I tried to make it more girly, by using the pink, but wasn't quite the result I wanted...oh well, Kenna still likes it!!

The other set is another pair of CMYP, in black velour, and a ready to wear onesie that I embroidered another monster on--this is my favorite set so far, even if the embroidery is a little low!