Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I can sew undies, who knew?!!

I have no idea why I'm beyond thrilled that I can make underwear. They are just such a simple garment that I wouldn't even normally think to make. I saw a post on Sewing Mama's the other day that totally inspired me though, and that very same day, Ashlee came to me, complaining her underwear were too tight. I had the that*darn*kat children's underwear pattern, but had never used it, so Monday night I decided to give it a whirl. They are sooo easy and so fast; I'm so glad I tried it! Plus, the best thing of all, it just uses scraps! I have tons of knit scraps that I've been hanging onto, but not sure what for--this is the perfect use! I've made her four pairs so far, and I see more in the future.

And in the spirit of bum coverings, I also made the baby a few more diapers. A couple Quick Snap Flat Wraps in the newborn size, and three Little Comet Tails Little Starters AIO's, in size small. That means I'm officially half way done w/ my small stash! I cut out 32 inners and outers months ago, but am slow going on the whole assembly part. Hopefully I'll get them time by August!

This picture shows how the QSFW works: