Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Birthday Party Pics!

So, it's official! My pumpkin turned one this weekend!! It's such a turning point--from baby to toddler! Where o where has the year gone!! She is now in the "into everything" stage. She isn't walking yet--surprisingly as my first two walked at 10 months!--but that doesn't stop her! She can crawl, roll, and push her ride-on's around to get to where she needs to be! She is such a ham, and
it's amazing watching her personality develop!

Her party was a blast--and it took all Kenna had to stay awake for the festivities! Here are few pics!!!

First, the cake. I made this using a Wilton cake pan, and I'm OK with how it turned out. I really thought it would look better, but it is what it is! It looked better before Ashlee tried to eat the "cherry"! Her party theme was "cupcakes!", if you couldnt' tell!

Close up of cupcake just for fun!

Kenna wearing her dress I madeNew chair!

New toy!

First taste of frosting!

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  1. I think your cake was adorable.....and every time I see those pics, it seriously makes me drool!!

    And BTW "HI KENNA!" GIGGLE!!!!