Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Recap

What a weekend!!! Who knew you could pack so much fun into just a few short days?! We started Friday with Dustin being home--I used that to my advantage, and actually ran to town and did all my shopping--ALONE!! Wow--what freedom!! LOL! That night we dyed Easter eggs with the kids, and for the first year, actually got some nice looking eggs!
Saturday, the Circus was in town--so of course we had to take the kids to that! We opted for the 10am show--and getting 3 kids dressed, fed, and in town by 10am is a feat in itself! The kids had a good time though, and enjoyed seeing the elephants and monkeys. As a parent, the circus becomes more about money, cheap toys, and crowded auditoriums, but it's always fun to see the excitement in your children's eyes!
After the circus we had lunch with Dustin's brother, and his little girl, then came home to get our house ready for Easter. We cleaned and cooked, then settled down and watched "No Country for Old Men" after the kids went to bed--all in all a pretty good day!
Easter we spent at our house, with Dustin's brother, and his daughter Cloey. The kids had a blast finding their Easter baskets, hunting for eggs, and chowing down on jelly beans and chocolate bunnies all day! We successfully cooked our first ham--a wonderful smoked ham from the local butcher shop, and even had time to play some Wii! LOL!
That night, Cloey (our niece), spent the night, as her dad had to go into work, so the kids had a slumber party, complete with sleeping bags and a play tent! They had a blast, stayed up too late, and up too early the next morning! Needless to day, I had 3 pooped out kiddos come Monday afternoon!
Here are few pics from this weekend--including some apron modeling shots! (I gave Ashlee and Cloey each one for Easter).

Easter Eggs

Braydon and Ashlee
Braydon, Ashlee, and McKenna
Braydon, Ashlee, and Cloey
Apron Shots: Cloey and Ashlee

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