Saturday, April 12, 2008

A dress for Kenna and teensy doll for me!

I've been sewing like mad this week--but it's super secret stuff I can't share (yet!)!! So, today, I finally did something share-worthy! A dress I'm calling "Fruit Salad" for Kenna, and a little Steiner doll for me! I loosely followed this tut for the doll. All in all it probably took me an hour--and that was while watching a movie last night. The dress pattern I have no clue! I had it cut out for a month or so now, and couldn't remember which pattern I used, so I just sewed it up the way I thought it should go! And it seemed to work!! I think this is my favorite dress that I have made to date for Kenna--I just wish I had bought more material to make a top for Ashlee! I have just enough that I might be able to make a little matching purse for Kenna to go with it though.

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