Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coffee table, take 2

My newly painted coffee table got a makeover again yesterday--twice! The first time, Jackson, my 18 month old decided to redecorate the living room with a sharpie while I was in the shower. :( I was too upset to even take any pictures, but I kinda wish I had now. He got 1/2 the coffee table, and end table, and the runner I had made for the coffee table. To say I was upset was an understatement. I couldn't get the sharpie off the furniture--I tried, but ended up taking off paint. So I decided to just repaint the tops. I started with the coffee table first. And after painting it, I remembered a cute little nightstand I had just seen over at The Casabella Project. I really wanted to try stenciling--but with no craft stores within 30 + miles, I wasn't sure how to get a stencil. So I cheated. I really like the one in the tutorial, so after some googling found out it was made by Plaid. I found the stencil online--saved the image, and took it into photoshop. With a little tweaking, printing, tracing, scanning, etc, I had a stencil! I even had stencil plastic from an old project--so with an exacto knife I cut out my stencil and set to work. I originally intended on covering the entire table. But I happened to stand up to take a break from it--and realized it looked pretty neat as it was.


So after much debate, I decided to leave it. I still need to reglaze the top part, but I'm so happy with how it came out! And it make me feel a bit better about Jackson ruining my runner.

Here's a couple pics of it back in the living room:




  1. This is an awesome idea, I love the stencil you chose.

  2. I have been thinking of stencil lately! Love the color choices!

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