Monday, January 31, 2011

When two loves combine...

First, I just have to share a pic of who I spent most of my day with.


This is my newest nephew, Kaleb. He and his brother Kenan came to play at our house today so their parents could take their great-grandma to the airport in Sioux Falls. And I loved every minute of it! He is three weeks old, and an absolute doll! It really made me realize that Jackson (17 months) is really not a baby anymore. :( And since Jackson is our last, I soaked up every second of having Kaleb here! I did manage to sneak in one small project though!

Over the weekend I was bloghopping and came across this post, and was immedietly smitten. Why had it never occured to me to vamp up my Kitchenaid mixer? It's my cooking BFF. My dad got it for me for Christmas years ago, and I seriously don't know how I could live without it!

So I attempted to download the files she was kind enough to offer up, but found out that my Silhouette doesn't take SVG files, and that tracing a JPG would be a much more difficult process than just doing it myself. So I spent a few minutes in Silhouette Studio (have I said how much I love the software?! It is soo easy to use!), then I cut out the design, and began weeding...which is the part I hate most and the part that takes the most time.

So, you wanna see the before and after? Of course you do! Everyone loves a good before and after right?!



IMG_5100 copy

Don't you love it! I do!! And the best part is, it's vinyl, so if I can easily change it out if I get tired of the subway art look!

Happy Monday!

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  1. This turned out ADORABLE! I like all the fonts you used :)

  2. Super cute!!! I have a KA too, also white. Mine scares me a little--I always worry I might rip an arm off mixing or something. Silly, I know. :s Thanks for sharing. :)