Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Board and Batten sneak peak!

As if I didn't have enough projects on my plate already, I decided to start another one. I've been seeing board and batten posts all over lately, and it's been nagging me like an itch I need to scratch. Finally last week, I knew where I wanted to incorporate the look into our home.

We have a very long, odd wall that is part dining room, part hallway. It's big and blank, and I just had no idea what to do with it. But board and batten would be perfect!


I decided to repaint as well--the new wall color is Aqua Bay from Dutchboy, and the board and batten will be Ultrawhite from Dutchboy to match our trim (that someday we will get put up! details..haha!).

Hubby and I stopped and got wood on Friday night, but weren't able to get it up until Sunday--we spent most of the weekend stripping and re-waxing the VCT tile in the kitchen, entryway, and laundry room--we also got the laundry room 90% finished! I'll post more on that in a bit!

Anways, we put the board and batten up Sunday. I insisted on helping with this--so I made some of the cuts with the miter saw, and Dustin even let me run the nail gun (which is a little intimidating!). I let Dustin do the hard part--the math to calculate batten placement! But even with me helping, we still had it up in under 2 hours. In hindsight, I should have painted everything before, but live and learn right?!

Here are a few progress pics--I should have finished pics later today!

Board and Battens up

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One coat of paint on...one more to go.

For the boards we used two 1x4's. The battens are 1x2's and we also added a 1x2 ledge on top. Lowes didn't have any 10 foot 1x4 pine boards, so we bought primed MDF instead--which increased our price slightly, but overall gaves us a better finished look I think. Our wall is 8', 9.5", and the battens are 40" each--and our total for wood was around $35.

Now to get that last coat of paint on! Hubs is out of town this week, and McKenna's 4th Birthday Party is on Saturday--which means I need to clean house, bake cakes and cupcakes, and get ready for a party. Should make for a fun week! ha! Let's just hope I'm still standing when it comes time for the party!

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