Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Emmy's

Spring is finally in the air!!  We are expecting a high of 54 tomorrow--I can hardly believe it! It was starting to feel like Winter would never end here in South Dakota!

To celebrate, I sewed a couple new tops for two of my girls.  My oldest daughter, who is 7, has declared herself too cool to match with her little sisters, so she didn't get it on the fun.  (I did make her a new nightgown, which I hope to post pics of soon!)
I used the now-retired Emmy top pattern from Fishsticks Designs.  I am a huge fan of Bonnie's patterns--I love how easy her patterns sew together, and her PDF patterns are bar-none the best I've seen.  They go together like a dream.

For these I used the Emmy in infant sizes for Cecelia (I made her the 6-12 month size), and in Big Kid sizes for McKenna (I made her a size 5/6--she's 6).  I really love the fit on Cecelia; on McKenna the body seems to be a bit wider than I would prefer, but it's still a good fit, and she loves it--so that's all that really matters!

I really love how these turned out!  The fabric came from JoAnns--I believe it's made by Doodlez.  I really like the sparkly pink, and need to get some more of that before it's gone.

Projects #9 & #10 in my 52 in 2013 personal sewing challenge.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Oh, they are adorable! I love that cute top and that floral fabric is great! (I can't wait to have another kid so they can match!)
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. What gorgeous fabric you've used to make those ever so cute tops!!! Not only do they look great, they look super comfy as well.