Friday, November 2, 2007

Finally updating...

I just haven't been in the computer "mood" lately. I've been neglecting this blog, as well as my mommy boards. I'm not sure what's up w/ me.

We had a great Halloween though! I did the kids' costumes last minute, as usual!
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Braydon went as a pirate--his costume consisted of a store bought white dress shirt that I distressed, added some gromets, threaded suede lace through, and shortened. I also cut off the cuff, moved them up, making a channel, and threaded the suede lace through them as well. Pants were black sweat pants, w/ 8 inches cut off the bottom, then I made some 3 inch vertical cuts up the pant leg. We finished it off w/ a red skull bandana, black and white striped socks, and a piece of fabric w/ skulls on it for the sash. This project was almost no-sew, but the end result was pretty awesome! He loved it, and I think it looks better than the pirate costumes you can buy!

Ashlee was a ladybug--her outfit was just as simple! I made a red tutu--using a new sew method!--and attached black felt dots. Then, she wore a black long sleeved shirt, and black tights. I also made her a headband and a "wand". The head band I made using a store bought black head band, and Crayola model magic. I used the model magic to make the antennae--let them dry, painted the black, and hot glued them to the head band! Voila! The flower wand I made using more model magic, hot glue, paint, ribbon, and a pencil. She loved her costume, and looked adorable!

McKenna just went as herself! LOL! Halloween onesie and some trick or treat baby legs that I made her! She looked cute and festive!

Now, of course, I'm sick. And so is McKenna. I'm sure it's from getting in and out of the car all night on Halloween. She's crabby, I'm's no good! Braydon has preschool today, in the afternoon, so I'm hoping Ashlee and McKenna will lay down, and I can take a nap!! Too bad being a stay at home mom doesn't come w/ sick days!

I've got lots of projects on the burners now! Tons of sock monkeys, the Waldorf doll kit I ordered, diapers...the list really never ends!


  1. GREAT costumes! The kids look adorable;) I'm so impressed by all you gals who can make their kid's costumes, such talent!

  2. Lol, you're a Martha fan too! I saw that ladybird headband and so wanted a little girl to make it for!

  3. I love the costumes!!!! They looked adorable!

    Hope everyone in your house feels better soon!

  4. Wow, great costumes and you made them? Fantastic!