Monday, November 26, 2007

Well, Turkey Day went off without a hitch! BIL, SIL, and lil' neice came down and had dinner w/ us and hung out. We had the traditional turkey (brined, of course!!), stuffing, potatoes, corn, cookie salad (yum!), and SIL brought an awesome Sweet Potato Crisp. BIL brought his Wii down, along w/ Guitar Hero...and I'm officially addicted!! All the stores around here are sold out of the Wii system..or I would have bought one already!
Now this week, hubby is out of town, and I agreed to take on some extra kids to help out their parents...5 kids all week, and now husband...I think I'll be stark raving mad by Friday!!!
Especially thanks to the fact that McKenna has perfected her crawling! She is now all over the house. And while I love her newfound's also annoying at times! And how she always finds that one paperclip, or piece of catfood...I'll never know!

With hubby being gone this week, hopefully I can find some time for my crafting projects! I have lots of stuff to finish for Christmas..and the list of things keeps getting longer! I did manage to get some pics this weekend for our holiday I just need to put something together in photoshop.

As always...lots to do!!!

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