Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Waldorf Doll

I finished one Christmas present!! Yea!! A Waldorf doll for McKenna. I ordered the Heavy Baby Kit from Joy's Waldorf Dolls, and I have to say I'm very impressed w/ her service, and product. The kit included almost everything I needed--other than needles and some lavender thread!--and her instructions were very easy to follow and included lots of pictures! I even did the embroidery on the face by myself!! I want to make 2 more of these now--one for Ashlee, and one for niece, Cloey. I placed an order for fabric on Friday from Joy's, and I received my box yesterday! Talk about service!!

Anyhoo--here are some pics!
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She has a lavender velour bunting that is oh-so-soft, and her body is filled w/ millet, so she is quite malleable. The millet also has lavender essential oil mixed in w/ it--so she smells awesome!! I can't wait to give it to McKenna on Christmas!!

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  1. she looks beautiful, you did the face so nicely!