Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm getting worse and worse...

At blogging that is! I started out soo good...and now I'm down to once a week updates! I definitely need to step it up. In my defense, I (ok, WE) have been incredibly busy! This past weekend hubby tore up my kitchen...literally! He put in new flooring, and new counter tops! Yea!! But, that also meant a whole weekend w/o my kitchen!! And pretty much resulted in Braydon and Ashlee having free reign over the rest of the house the entire weekend--b/c I was busy helping, needless to say, it was a mess, and everything in the house was covered in layer of dust from sanding the floor...It took me all of Monday, and most of Tuesday to get the house back into shape. Plus, w/ Thanksgiving next week already, I need to do all the "extra" cleaning that I leave until company comes! (like the entry way, my sewing stuff, etc) Yesterday I managed to find a little time to sew--which was incredibly stress relieving!! LOL! I swear, my sewing machine had become my crack. I'm almost finished w/ my first Waldorf doll. I ordered the Heavy Baby Kit a few weeks ago, and it's coming along remarkable well for my first attempt! I just have to embroider the face, and finish her bunting..and then pics will come!! Then I just have to make 2 more before Christmas!! Along w/ numerous other gifts! The Christmas countdown has begun! I can't wait to get thru Thanksgiving so I can get started.
Speaking of Thanksgiving, I'm really looking forward to it this year! We are doing it at our house, as we have the past couple of years, but usually we just invite my parents...which is always kinda awkward, as the divorce isn't soo far in the past..etc. Now, they both have significant others, and putting them all together did NOT sound like my idea of fun. And MIL's is out of the question. She is seriously certifiable...and holidays w/ her make me crazy. So, we invited Dustin's twin bro and family! I can't wait!! A fun, low stress, low fuss holiday! I love my BIL and SIL, and their daughter is only 3 months older than Ashlee--so the kids will have a blast!! Even though they only live 15 miles away, they both work full-time, so we don't get together much. Should be a great time!
Last night I actually got to get out for a few hours! SIL invited me to go hang out w/ her at a local comedy night. It was really fun, and nice to be away from the kids for a while. Braydon and Ashlee were already asleep by the time I left, and Dustin said McKenna was awesome! They were both sound asleep when I got home! I was a little worried as to how she would do, as she's been sick for the past few days.
Today, I started on Thanksgiving place cards. I'm making these cute lil' turkey's from the Martha Stewart site, and if I do say so...I think mine look better than hers!! Will post pics later tonight!

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  1. It gets crazy keeping up, doesn't it!? BTW...I SOOOOO love your new do.. you look H-O-T HOT!