Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Well, my four year old is mad at me. Why?? Because we do not have a toy fire truck. This week is "F" week at school, and every week the kids bring something for sharing. Apparently, someone must have brought a fire truck earlier this week, and now my son is insisting that he has one to bring as well! I've suggested every other "F" thing I can possibly think of; frog, fish, food, etc. All of which have been angrily shot down. He stomped away to his room now. When did he get such an attitude!?

On a positive note, earlier, while I was slicing up apples to make apple crisp, he told me I was doing it "perfectly!" LOL! I couldn't help but smile! I'm always amused at the words that come out of his mouth; delicious, pregnant (yeah, that one surprised me!), Internet, harmonica...the list really goes on and on! And I cannot believe how observant he is! It started when he was very young--even before he was year old. When we would go to my dad's house, he would recognize the alley, as we were pulling in, and say "bumpa's?" (grandpa's). My dad's house wasn't even in sight yet!
Then, this weekend, we went up to Fargo. We were in Fargo at the end of July, and stayed over in a hotel. Well, we happened to pull into a gas station on Saturday, next to the hotel we stayed at--and he recognized it! And got all excited, that we made it back to our hotel. He was pretty bummed to find out we weren't staying! (Last time we stayed, Grandma was there, and he got to go swimming--what kid wouldn't be disappointed!)

Oh, and more good news! Today, McKenna crawled!! She turns 8 months tomorrow! I can't believe it. A part of me is soo happy and proud, and another is crying and longing for her to still be an infant! I can't believe how fast they grow up! And every milestone w/ her is bittersweet, as Kenna will probably be our last.

And lastly for a little show off, here are a couple more sock monkeys! These I made for a friend on my March mommy's board, and I love how they turned out! I'll be sad to ship these out tomorrow!


  1. I just LOVE Sock Monkeys! I've always been too intimidated to try them:( Yours are REALLY good! You should sell them;)

  2. I love your little monkey's! They are so cute! A friend of mine makes these and sells them at craft shows, but she uses plain, regular socks...I'm pretty sure they go for around $15.00!! You should definately go into business!

  3. Thank you both so much for your comments!! I really love making them--they are soo fun, and soo cute!!!!

  4. Your monkeys are too cute!!!! I love 'em!!!

    And it is so bittersweet to watch our little ones grow, isn't it?

  5. Those are so cute! How much do you sell them for? They would be a great Christmas gift for my kids.