Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jumping in!

Hello blogland! I'm diving right into this new blog. Anything below this post was exported from my original blog "Silly Piggy Monkey."

Quick intro--I'm JoDee--I have 4 adorable kiddos, and an awesome hubby who works super hard so that I can do the stay-at-home-mom thing, and spend my days 'making crap' as he calls it! :) I love sewing, but also enjoying other types of crafting as well. We recently bought a fixer-upper house, and my latest projects have been about beautifying my house on a budget, and finding my style. I hope to share this journey with all of you!

So getting right to it. Yesterday I started on curtains for the kitchen. Who knew sewing rectangles could be so challenging. I can whip out a 2 layer ruffled dress in no time flat, but sewing 2 pieces of fabric together almost broke me yesterday. Wow. I can assure you I will never become a professional curtain maker!

This was my window before--and yes, that brown trim is UGLY! Painting trim is on my list of projects--the whole house is covered in icky brown trim that is slowing becoming white)

Kitchen window before

And afterwards...

Kitchen window after!

What a difference a bit of fabric makes! In case you were wondering, the tutorial for the curtains can be found here. I used the very same fabric from the tutorial, as it fit my kitchen perfectly! It's called Simply Sweet by Barbara Miller--and it's even cuter in person!

Here's a couple more detail shots:



(Don't you love my little mini Fiesta pitcher?! My mother in law got it for me for Christmas and I absolutely adore it!!)

I'll post some more pics of my kitchen in a later post--it's a pretty dramatic before and after, and I love to show it off--it's my favorite room in the house!

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