Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My boys :)


These are my two little men--Braydon, 7, and Jackson, 17 months. This photo was taken last summer of the two of them, and I just love it.

The boys' room is pretty plain as far as decorating. I let Braydon pick the paint color when we moved in, so it's a pretty neptune blue. He has a couple faux street signs from Hobby Lobby on the walls, but that's about it. So I decided to try and make some artwork to hang on the wall.

I used Photoshop to tweak the above image, and then printed out 4 copies. Then I grabbed some mod podge and a canvas I had laying around.


An hour or so later, I ended up with this:

IMG_4947 copy

It's not perfect--the red image is really wrinkled, but Braydon loves it! I didn't have any cardstock when I printed them, so I may reprint on cardstock and try it again...b/c the wrinkles bug me, even if they don't bug him! haha! Or maybe I'll splurge and order a real canvas from an online photo place..I can't really decide yet. But I do really like it, and it adds some color to his walls--and if he likes it, that's what's really important!

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