Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Table runner

Instead of making the 2nd pair of curtains to go in my kitchen like I should have today, I spent it instead making a runner for my table. Awhile ago I purchased this awesome RED Cuisinart colander. I thought it would make a perfect centerpiece for my kitchen table...if only I had a cute runner to go underneath! ;)

So, after a couple hours, I came out of my sewing room with this:

IMG_4827_1 copy

It's definitely bright and fun! Not sure if I 100% love it--the green and orange are a bit overpowering, but it's still cute! I would love to make a red and aqua one now to match the kitchen a bit more. It was soo easy to make too, and I am not a quilter! I bascially followed
this tutorial, and it really went together very fast. Fabrics were just from my stash--I just pulled out a bunch of bright colors and went with it.

Detail shot:

IMG_4838_1 copy

And with the colander! Pretty huh? It needs a little something in the colander, I'm just not sure what yet--was thinking maybe some fake lemons? What do you think?
IMG_4850 copy

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