Thursday, October 4, 2007

Christmas presents!!!!

McKenna decided to make it a late night, so I've been browsing for Christmas present ideas--and I found some great ones!! I really want to make Ashlee and McKenna a couple of nice cloth dolls, (knockoff Waldorf syle!) and I found some great sites!!

Dolly Hugs

Then, how about a puppet theatre!!??

And lastly, this cute cloth book is a huge inspiration!

I'm going to be one busy mama!!!

But my goal is totally handmade this Christmas. Even hubby is joining in! He's making the kids a wooden play kitchen!! I know they will love it!!


  1. I love that the dolls are wearing slings, that's so awesome! The idea of all home-made gifts is quite a goal - good luck! Just make sure you show us pictures of the progress. :P

  2. Hey Mama. if you learn how to do those dolls, Id love to get one for the girls, and a cute boy one for Zachary, maybe wearing something to do with monekys,LOL! Let me know how much they'd be, awesome idea :) HUGS, Murph