Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Lions, and Tigers, and...Kangaroo's????

Wow. It's Wednesday already! October 3rd. The days are ticking down to Halloween now, which means I really need to figure out this whole costume situation!! I really want a theme this year. So far, I have McKenna figured out--she and I will be a mama and baby kangaroo! I have brown cords and a brown shirt I can wear, and I got McKenna a brown onesie, and whipped up some brown striped faux babylegs for her to wear. Then, my big accomplishment....I made a pouch sling!

I wish I would have known how easy that was going to be before forking over $60 + on two Peanut Shells.
Seriously--this lovely brown pouch sling cost me about $3.50, and took up maybe 20 minutes of my time. And, I have enough to make ANOTHER brown pouch sling! I definitely see more pouch slings in my future!!

Back to Halloween costumes. I really need to figure out Braydon and Ashlee. I want some kind of "jungle" animals. Braydon was a lion when he was 2, and we still have that costume--but I washed it, and his poly synthetic lion's mane melted into one big dread. So, that costume won't be having an encore appearance. Braydon has also decided that he wants to be a Tiger this year, which isn't an easy costume to find!

So, I've been scouring over websites, but I must have unrealistic expectations. All the animal costumes I've found are ugly! Especially the Tom Arma ones! Not only are they ridiculous looking, they are ridiculously priced! (Ok, not all of them are goofy looking--but most of them!!! I do like the rabbit....)They are all the rage on the mommy boards I'm on though, so I guess I'm just missing something....

Hopefully I'll find something I like soon.

I do this every year. I have high hopes for these ultra fabulous Halloween costumes, then I end up running to Target the day before and picking up whatever's left that fits.
This year WILL be different!

So, other plans for today....I REALLY need to get some diapers done. I got 7 outer layers of PUL and 7 suede cloth inners cut out last night. So today I will hopefully get them sewn up. I'm making pockets, so they tend to go together fairly quick.

I'd also like to take the kids on a walk today. It's gorgeous outside today. High 60's, a slight breeze, Autumn is definitely upon us. Our leaves are finally starting to turn, and the kids are just in awe of finding red, orange, and yellow leaves all around.
So, it's off to work I go!! Need to get crankin' on those diapers!!

Oh, and if you get a chance today, stop by Opinionrated, and sign up for a chance to win a copy of the chilren's book, "Elephant Dance." But hurry!! Deadline ends today!!


  1. Hey There! Thanks for commenting, so I could find your blog:)You can never have enough blogs to read. I love Tom Arma costumes, they are the cutest! I bought one of his last year, but this year Old Navy has some really cute ones and they aren't that pricey.

  2. I got Sawyer a Tom Arma brown bear costume, and I think it's adorable. The quality is also nice. But some of his are pretty goofy looking!

    HEre's a tiger costume! Not sure if the biggest size will fit Braydon though!

    I can't wait to see you and Makenna. You guys are gonna be adorable!

  3. you RAWK mama, I wish I had 1/2 your talent, sniff sniff.