Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What a day!

Whew! Am I glad it's almost bedtime! Today seems to have taken a lifetime!! Braydon had preschool this morning, which is always an event-getting 3 kids fed, dressed, and into the van, and to the school by 8:20am. Thank goodness the school is only a couple blocks away! Ashlee has started this insane bit of dressing herself--which means something that used to take 5 minutes, now takes a half hour. I've given up on trying for matching outfits even. Today, we left for school in blue fleece pants, a tutu, and her jammie shirt. At least she doesn't get out of the van. If we are actually going out in public, than I have final say! But, at 8:00 this morning, I just didn't feel like arguing!

It was another rainy day here. And while I love rain, and we desperately need it, it's not the ideal situation for a new puppy!! My entry way is filled w/ muddy doggy prints. But that wasn't even the worst of it. I think Sadie must have had at least 20 "accidents" in the house today. One even on my BRAND NEW carpet!! This happened after she had JUST come in from outside, where I had watched her go potty TWICE!! She came straight in and peed on the floor. She has now been banned from the carpet. I've kept her gated up in the entry way, which works well. She has plenty of space, but it's 50 percent linoleum. I'm not sure why today was such a bad day for her. She's been doing so good, but today, it seemed like every 5 minutes she was peeing. She'd come in from outside, and five minutes later there would be a puddle. I keep telling myself, "she's still a pup." But boy, after cleaning up pee all day, I'm starting to regret this whole dog thing. It makes in worse that Dustin's not even home to help out.

Since it was raining today, the kids spent most of the day coloring. Braydon's new thing is coloring the ENTIRE page in a rainbow of colors. The "puppy"(or whatever he may be coloring..) cannot just be brown--he must be red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and all colors in between! My fridge is covered in artwork that looks like a hippie's tee shirt! I'm all for color though, so I love it!
Ashlee loves to color too. She's just getting into it. Before she would just eat the crayons, now at least some of it end up on the paper (i still catch her taking a nibble every now and then though...)! Her newest thing is "TA-DA!" She brings me her paper and says it, just beaming! It's so cute!

The forecast calls for rain tomorrow too, so I think we'll make some homemade clay, and make some Christmas ornaments. I'll dig out the recipe and post it tomorrow. I also found a yummy recipe for chocolate cake that I might try out too!! We'll see!!

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